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Is dental sedation right for me?

Is dental sedation right for me?

Most of our patients in Summerland find that local anesthetic effectively prevents pain during routine dental procedures. That said, other patients need more assistance to help make sure they get the essential treatment they need. This is where dental sedation can help. 

Your Dental Sedation Needs

At Jubilee Dental, our goal is to provide you with a comfortable, relaxed dental experience, no matter which procedure you are coming to our office to receive.

Typically, local anesthetic will be adequate for preventing pain during routine dental procedures such as fillings. However, some patients feel they need the assistance of dental sedation to reduce anxiety and have a more positive dental experience.

Each patient we treat at our Summerland dental clinic has different sedation and general anesthesia needs. Your reasons for requesting sedation will differ from other patients’, which is why our Summerland dentists assess each patient individually to determine their sedation needs.

Your dentist may recommend dental sedation if any of these circumstances apply to you:

  • Allergies to local anesthetic
  • Severe dental fear or anxiety
  • Local anesthetic is not effective in controlling your pain
  • Undergoing long, complex or particularly invasive dental procedures
  • Special needs due to mental or physical disabilities
  • Low pain tolerance
  • Dental phobias
  • Special healthcare requirements
  • Exaggerated gag reflexes
  • Difficulty holding mouth open for sustained periods of time
  • Difficulty sitting still during dental treatment

It’s imperative not to allow dental anxiety to prevent you from getting the dental health care you need. Our team of dental professionals can help you get through your next treatment in a calm, relaxed manner.

Do you think dental sedation may be helpful for you?. Contact your Summerland dentist at Jubilee Dental Centre to book a consultation. Our team of dental professionals want you to have a positive dental experience during your visits. 

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